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Do the tidal and lunar movements on the OCEANMOON 11 work for the Northern Hemisphere as well as the Southern Hemisphere?

Yes, its juts a matter of setting them to where you are, just like the watch, and it will always tell you where the tides and the moon are.

I noticed most of your watches come with an additional band.  How easy is it to change out the band?

Really easy!  No tools required.  There is a small button which needs to be pushed and it clicks out, and the alternate band clicks in.

If I buy it online, and its not what I expected , can I return it?

Yes, you have 15 days to return it.  It must be in new unworn condition , and you should email before sending to:

20521 Quedo Dr, Woodland Hill CA 91364

A 5% restocking fee will be deducted from the full price paid to cover original shipping, payment fees and handling.  A refund will be issued immediately on receipt of the watch.  Return shipping to be paid by buyer.

Are the watches waterproof?

All the watches are waterproof .  Check particular model on this website for details.

I can’t find the instruction manual that came with the watch, do you have another?

You can download the manuals here.

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