Bausele, short for Beyond Australian Elements, was founded by Entrepreneur Christophe Hoppe.

Hoppe developed a passion for watches after a decade working in the watch industry in Geneva, Switzerland.   He moved to Australia and worked in surfing and fashion and was inspired by Australian design to create a look and feel that combines with the superior quality and technology of a Swiss timepiece, to create Australia's first premium watch brand

Bausele watches all have a unique feature that celebrates a love of the natural elements of Australia;  red earth, white sand or the jewel of Australia, the opal, are found within the hollow crown fixture of each watch.   The colours and design are inspired by the uniquely Australian terrain.

Through a successful collaboration with Flinders University, a new featherweight and durable material was developed for exclusive use in the construction of Bausele’s watches. Named Bauselite, this advanced ceramic nano-technology is a key design feature in Bausele’s watches, providing increased strength and reliability not found in its competitors.

At Bausele, we are united in our obsession to construct the highest quality time pieces.  A combination of traditional watch making techniques with clever innovation ensures you wear the best of both worlds, always.  We believe the watch is here to stay, and Bausele will be your loyal companion.

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