LUKE STEDMAN - Australians making waves globally

Luke is an ex Pro Surfer and designer with his own label, InstedWeSmile.  We asked him to style our shoot with global ambassador, Dominic Purcell, and he agreed to answer some questions......

Hi Luke. How long ago did you stop surfing for a living?

You mean when did I stop getting paid to ride waves? About 3 years ago I stopped surfing professionally.

When and how did you get inspired to move into fashion and start your own label?

As soon as I stopped surfing professionally I started my contemporary men’s wear label IWS. I always had to wear sponsors products which were very core surf, so I was never able to wear contemporary clothing, which is more my style.

Who are your fashion influences?

Ance, Maison Margiela, Kris Van Assche and Chapter.

And who are people you just think are doing great stuff in the world?

I have a non-sexual crush on Russell Brand. I love what he is doing. I feel like his life is the ying and yang logo.

What elements of your brand do you think are influenced by being Australian?

I love the ocean and I feel it breads a positive vibration which I’m attracted to and I want to be around as much as possible and it just so happened Australia is completely surrounded by it.

If there were one person in the world you would like to dress, who would it be?

I have always wanted to dress Steve Olson and this year I got to do collaboration with him so shortly he will be wearing IWS which I’m thrilled about.

Tell me again why you get a new pair of Ugh boots every year.

My Dad invented Ugh Boots in Australia and registered the name. Then before they were popular and Paris Hilton was wearing them, the people who owned the name Ugg wanted to buy the name Ugh from Dad so he sold it to them. And then the next year Ugg boots was turning over like a billion dollars. 

Do you still love to surf, and have you taken up any other sports?

I love to surf more than any thing but now I like just to be out there in the water and cruise. It’s not about surfing at such a high level or trying to. It’s about being in the moment and enjoying the atmosphere. I do also love Ju Jitsu. 

When you are travelling, what do you miss about being in Australia?

Sydney harbour bridge. I love it so much. I tried to walk over it once and I only got 75 % of the way, as I’m so scared of heights. There was gang of 80 year olds and I swear one of the ladies called me a pussy. She was right. 

We love the name, InstedWeSmile, especially because you are always smiling. What makes you smile the most?

Life. I love my life, health, family and friends. Its also much more enjoyable to smile than any thing else and I promise you if you smile at a stranger they will smile back.

Which is your favourite piece from your current collection? And where can we buy it?

We have an embroidered bomber jacket that is about to be released and it’s the best single item I have ever made and Steve Olson’s cowboy shirts that he wears when he skates inspired it. You will be able to buy from our key retailers and

And finally, Do you think the world is ready for the Australia’s first luxury watch brand -Bausele?



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