The Future Of Watch Making Is Here, And It's Called BAUSELITE

Bausele’s latest innovation has been its collaboration with the Flinders University Centre for NanoScale Science and Technology in South Australia to develop Bauselite.

Bauselite is a lightweight and durable ceramic compound. The creation of this material composite has provided the basis for Bausele’s Terra Australis, featured at the 2015 Baselworld showcase in Switzerland. Bauselite, with its unique lightweight and high-strength nanotechnology material has already received attention in boutique luxury watchmaking circles as a material of the future for watches, its unique properties have presented a number of possibilities for the luxury watchmaking industry in the years and decades ahead.

As an Australian-designed, Swiss-made brand, Bausele has not only developed a cutting-edge innovation, but it has taken done so in a way to allow for the manufacturing of this material to be conducted in Australia, adding to the Australian heritage found in every Bausele watch

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